HHRMA Sept 8, 2008 Rrestaurant & VVIP CLUB in Doha Qatar

We are a representative of the fine dinning (5 Stars) restaurant & VVIP CLUB in Doha Qatar , they need some the crews to fill the positions in below: NO POSITION GENDER BASIC SALARY
1 Head of Accounting Male RQ 6000 – 10.000
2 Headwaiter Male/Female RQ 3000 – 5000
3 Account Payable Officer Male & Female RQ 1800 – 2800
4 Income Audit / Account Income Officer Male RQ 2500 – 3500
5 Gym Supervisor Female RQ 1800 – 2800
6 Gym Instructor Female RQ 1000 – 2300
7 Gym Attendant Female RQ 700 – 1000
8 Chef De Party Male RQ 1300 – 2300
9 Waitress Female RQ 900 – 1400
10 Busboy Male RQ 700 – 1000
Dynamic person oriented
The candidates should have prior working experience in the Kitchen department (similar position), preferably in 4/5 stars Hotel local or overseas experienced. Candidates should be flexible to work long hours
Age max 35 Years old
Male & Female
Have the permit letter from your parents/husband (specially for female)
Good English
Good Performance & friendly, Hard Working and have the responsibility for the job and good motivation & strong in these fields.
Strong in the each position and must be experienced 2 or 3 years in 4/5 stars hotel (point 5,6,7,8,9,10) and must be experienced 5 years in the samilar position (point 1,2,3,4)
Have strong mentality, Mature, and Open Mind
We will direct hire for the following vacancies, mediated by our partner in Doha Qatar . So, if you posses the above qualification, kindly forward your detailed resume stating personal particulars, employment history completely and bring your CV through to us in below address: HEAD OFFICE – JAKARTA : PT. BINA ADIDAYA MANDIRI INTERNATIONAL HOTEL RECRUITMENT & PLACEMENT OF INDONESIA REGISTERED IN MANPOWER MINISTRY DEPARTMENT OF INDONESIA LICENSE OF PJTKI: NO. KEP 529/MEN/2006JLN.PERKANTORAN TAMAN PONDOK KELAPA BLOK A NO: 14JAKARTA TIMUR 13450 – INDONESIA

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