Cruise Line

Celebration Cruise Holdings INC that operates Imperial Majesty CruiseLines for new Ms Bahamas ( Launched in February 2009) will needURGENTLY the following positions : 1. Cabin Steward 2. Assistant Cabin Steward 3. Dinningroom Waiter 4. Assistant Dinningroom Waiter 5. Bartender 6. Bar Server 7. Bar Utility 8. Cook 1 and 2 9. Utility Cleaner 10. Galley Utility 11. Carpenter 12. Deck Department ( Sailor)Please bring your application along with your latest colored pictures,Size 4X6 2pcs ,copies of your Job certificates and valid document . With the following Map Code : Cabin Steward/Assistant/Cleaner ( Orange color) Dinningroom waiter/Assistant ( Green color) Bar Dept ( Blue color) Cook/ Galley UT ( Red color) Deck Dept & Carpenter ( Brown color)Please submit all of the requirements to our Official Agency In Indonesia :FBC Bali ( PT Indonaker Mandiri No Kep 587/2696/III.2/DISNAKER)Jalan Tukad Badung 111X Denpasar- BaliNo applicant process through emailRegardsI Nyoman Gede WikartanaOperational System Coordinatorof FBC by DL


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